Wednesday, December 30, 2009

God Save the Flag a poem by Oliver Wendell Holmes

Holmes Oliver Wendell - Poem

God Save the Flag

Washed in the blood of the brave and the blooming,
Snatched from the altars of insolent foes,
Burning with star-fires, but never consuming,
Flash its broad ribbons of lily and rose.

Vainly the prophets of Baal would rend it,
Vainly his worshippers pray for its fall;
Thousands have died for it, millions defend it,
Emblem of justice and mercy to all;

Justice that reddens the sky with her terrors,
Mercy that comes with her white-handed train,
Soothing all passions, redeeming all errors,
Sheathing the sabre and breaking the chain.

Borne on the deluge of all usurpations,
Drifted our Ark o'er the desolate seas,
Bearing the rainbow of hope to the nations,
Torn from the storm-cloud and flung to the breeze!

God bless the Flag and its loyal defenders,
While its broad folds o'er the battle-field wave,
Till the dim star-wreath rekindle its splendors,
Washed from its stains in the blood of the brave!

GIRLS only!!!

How to tell if he likes you
(and if he's flirting with you in his special own guy-way).

A lot depends on the type of guy and his individual personality.

Shy Guys
These are tough to crack sometimes...
He'll look at you, until you turn around, then boom, he's looking the other way.
You may 'feel' like he's watching you - but he's hard to catch at it
He may do something physical - like grab you in a play way, poke you, play with your hair...
(Remember when you were really young and the guy you liked punched you or tackled you?)
He may be working really hard to pay attention to you, but doesn't quite know how...
He may ask a friend of yours about you - he'll say it's just for "friend of mine" that wants to know about you.
He talks to everybody else - but when you're around he turns silent, or chokes up.
You seem to accidentally bump into him a lot of different places.
He may not say a word to you, but he shows up in the same line, at the same movie, etc.
He'll give you a little smile from across the room, but if you get near, he won't look up.
Basically - the BIG clue is that his behavior changes when you're around (compared to when he's around his buds or other girls).
DEAD Giveaway - when you talk to him he turns red.
(Bingo - you can pack that puppy up and take him home...)

I Have Never... by Freddy Juarez Marmolejo

I have never tasted your beautiful kiss
Yet, I would give my soul for that moment of bliss.
For just a moment of sweet, sweet tenderness
I would give everything I possess.

I have never felt your gentle, tender embrace
Yet, I would die to just touch your face.
I would hold you forever in my caress;
My true love I would forever confess.

I have never gazed deeply into your eyes
Yet, one stare would leave me forever hypnotized.
I would be in awe for all eternity;
There would never be tears of pain or misery.

I have never loved you with all my heart and soul
Yet, my feelings for you I cannot control.
A moment with you would be a lifetime to me;
I would burn forever for a moment of ecstacy.

I have never confessed my love for you
Yet, keep my silence is what I must do.
I will love you always and forever
But to tell you this... I could never!

Lost In Your Eyes

© By SusanE Cohen
I can see all that I
Hope to be, in your eyes
The whole world opens up
Like the sea, in your eyes
Giant waterfalls cascade
Like fifty foot waves
Where a sparkling river
Flows free, in your eyes
I see flowers as they
Start to bloom, in your eyes
The stars and the moon
Are consumed, in your eyes
As I lean toward your lips
For your heavenly kiss
I can see it will be
Just us two, in your eyes.

Head V Heart

© By Sammy Leaver
Once again I'm in this tough dilemma,
Where I just don't know what to do.
My heads telling me no and to just let it go,
But my hearts got too much love for you.

But then again my heads giving me visions,
Visions of us being an item,
Visions of us being happy,
And me being there when you are frightened.

So for me to say I like you,
Would be just a drop in the ocean.
And to chose between head or heart,
It looks like they both win.

The Things I Love About You

© By Anonymous

Your eyes,
they were the first thing
I noticed about you.
They captured my soul.
In the first second you looked at
Me as a woman I was yours.

Your smile,
It lights up my life,
Brings me more peace than the rain.
I could melt in that smile.
I fall in love with you all over again
Every time I see it.

Your fingertips,
The way they linger on my skin,
So gently I can barely feel them
Other times smoothing over
My body like a sheath.

Your hands,
That show me your love
In a way that words
Never could.
They bring me safety and steadiness.
Thank you for that.

Your body,
The way it holds my attention,
The way your every nuance
Makes me want you even more than
The last time I saw you.

Your feet,
How could I not love them?
They are the part of you
That allows me to show you how much
I love you.
I can spoil you to death
And there's nothing you can do about it.

I love all these things about you,
But what I love the most,
Is the You I fell in love with.
The You that makes me feel like
I can do and be anything I want to.
The You that lets me know
That I will always have someone Standing beside me, helping me
To be strong and catching me when
I can no longer steady myself.
Thank you.

I Love You.

My Hero

© By Maureen Ryan
You're my daddy and always will be
He'll can't ever take the place of you
You know he was not meant to be a dad but you were
You're my dad no matter how much you piss me off

You're my dad
You're my hero
You helped me learn
You taught me so much
You helped my mommy when she wasn't feeling good

You keep me safe
You make sure I'm ok
You love me
Kevin never loved me and never will
Yes I may talk to him but I don't see him like I see you

You're my hero
No one else
You make me smile
You make me laugh
You tease me
But you make it fun
You are my hero

Dedicated to Paul Mutchler

My father who has been there my whole life and has never left me even when I did mess up. I love you dad you may not see but I do.
Your my dad and my hero no matter what.

Love ya dad